nepali keyboard input method with fcitx

   Nov 27, 2023     1 min read

Key Features of Lekhika

As the developer of Lekhika, I am currently working on enhancing its accuracy and functionality. Despite being under development, Lekhika already boasts several features that make it a valuable tool for Nepali speakers:

  • Comprehensive Dictionary: I have equipped Lekhika with a vast dictionary of Nepali words and phrases, ensuring accurate and consistent input.

  • Integration with Fcitx5: Lekhika is not a standalone application; it is a table addon for Fcitx5. This means it’s an extension that adds Nepali input capabilities to the Fcitx5 framework, allowing users to easily switch between Lekhika and other input methods.


    Clone the repository

    git clone

Navigate to the cloned directory

cd fcitx5-table-lekhika

Create a new directory for the build

mkdir build

Navigate to the build directory

cd build

Run CMake


Build the project


Install the project (you may need to use sudo)

sudo make install

Install without build yourself

download installer zip from relesse and run

Future Improvements

In addition to the features mentioned above, I am working on the following improvements for Lekhika:

  • Improved Suggestion Algorithm: I am refining Lekhika’s suggestion algorithm to provide more relevant word options, making it even easier for users to find the words they are looking for.

  • Enhanced Autocorrect Feature: I am improving the autocorrect feature to minimize unwanted word replacements, ensuring that users have more control over their input.


  • Basic Nepali typing
  • Improved suggestion words
  • Remove unneeded words
  • Add more dictionary
  • And more to do as I experiment 😄


Some autocorrect words were disturbing typing. so i removed autocorrect words from table.i will add them gradualy. I am still improving this feature.


Contributions are welcome. Dictionary and other improvements can be made as user find difficulties when typing.

You can find the repository on GitHub.